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The strategies employed to achieve the charity’s aims and objectives can be considered within some distinct but complementary service areas:

-Provision of housing and housing support for vulnerable young people.
-Provision of Nursery and Childcare services to support the development of local children outside and to support local families in accessing work through the provision of affordable provision.
-The co design and co delivery of inclusive activities and services with community members that enhance the lives of individuals and the communities to which they are or could be connected.

Our Ambitions

We want to do more of the good work that makes us proud to come to work
We want to help more of the individuals, families and groups where we know our work has a positive impact
We want to do more work that spreads the impact of our methods into new spheres of activity, or new locations
We want to grow so that we can build organisational resilience through greater economies of scale and investment

Targeted Support for Care Leavers and other at-risk young people
We wish to broaden the span of our work, to deliver a wider range of support interventions based upon our core methods.
We wish to increase the number of beds that we support from 26 to 40 within 3 years
We wish to be supporting vulnerable young people in properties owned by other landlords (social or private sector)
We wish to develop our expertise and our interventions to focus more upon improving the health and wellbeing of care leavers

Child and Family Services
Our absolute priority is to have a financially resilient childcare service, that can have an impact in the long term
We wish to provide a broad offer of integrated child and family services in Openshaw and surrounding areas.
We wish to provide childcare that meets the needs of parents (affordable, flexible, high quality)
We wish to develop Parent and Community Led approaches to the delivery of childcare
We want to support the training and development of local people through volunteering, placements and apprenticeships.

Community, Health and Wellbeing
We aim to have a buoyant programe of engaging activity delivered form the Roundhouse and outreach settings that provides or facilitates opportunities for the community to engage with others for mutual well being
We aim to have an extensive programme of health and wellbeing interventions co designed and delivered with the community and partners
We aim to be a recognised centre for Social Prescribing – endorsed by local GP’s
We wish to have a body of members and volunteers that have a meaningful relationship with the charity.
We will have a sustainable youth work and play offer, delivered in partnership with other local organisations.

Charity Leadership and Management
To deliver all of our ambitions, we need to invest in the development of our teams and our systems.
We need to build the capacity and strength of our board of trustees, and the quality of systems that serve them
We aim to have a marketing strategy that makes the best use of traditional and new media to ensure that we are selling the benefits of engaging with our charity as an individual, group or as a commissioner of services
We aim to have developed an approach to our branding that unifies our different services
We shall ensure that our IT systems are appropriate for new ways of working, including offsite working
We shall invest more resources into the training and development of current and future leaders