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Supporting year six's with the transition to year seven.

Project 627 poster

We are excited to share Manchester Settlement's new project - Project 627.

What is 'Project 627'?

The transition from year's 6 to 7 is a big one! Some young people are really excited by it and thrive, and others really struggle.

'Project 627' aims to support those that, for whatever reason, may struggle with the transition from primary school to High School. Through fun, mentoring and creativity we hope to help prepare them for their new beginning.

What will we be doing in Project 627?

- Mentoring Sessions,
- learning wellbeing techniques
- making new friends
- Q and A session with high school students
- Ending with a graduation party!

When and where is 'Project 627'?

At Manchester Settlement, every Thursday starting 24th June and ending 15th July.

6pm - 7:45pm

Want to register?

Click the link below. We'll contact you to inform you if your child has a place on 'Project 627'.

Project 627 poster